Looking Sharp + Jade Roller

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Looking Sharp + Jade Roller
Tone + detox + glow

This combo was inspired by the face yoga workshop series “Yo' Face,” a collaboration between our co-founder + her yogi friend. The first workshop, "This Is How We Roll," focused on lymph drainage using Chinese Jade Rollers. Paired with our Looking Sharp facial serum, your Jade Roller will help tone facial muscles, promote blood circulation, ease facial tension, and help remove toxins, resulting in firmer, clearer, more radiant skin. Make this duo part of your twice daily skin care ritual for visible results (we call it the "goddess glow") within a week.

Jade Roller - Dating to 7th Century China, jade rolling stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation to help relieve puffiness + smooth fine lines and wrinkles + tone muscles. Choose from Jade (known for its anti-aging effects, healing properties and benefits to the renal system); Rose Quartz (known as the love stone, benefiting the heart and circulation); Obsidian (benefits circulatory, digestive and skin health, aids wound healing and relieves stress); and Opal (benefits the eyes, hair, nails and skin). Read more about Jade Roller stone properties here.

Looking Sharp facial serum – This powerhouse combination of hydrating oils will leave your complexion radiant and velvety soft with the first application. Packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids to help fight signs of aging, reduce puffiness and promote repair.

How to use: To create that fresh-faced goddess glow, use your roller for about 5 minutes twice a day, both morning and night. Start by cleansing your face. Next apply Looking Sharp facial serum or your favorite moisturizer (Gypsy Cream), then use the roller over your skin to reduce puffiness, drain lymph and increase blood flow.

Be sure to roll in an upward motion to help lift the skin and facial muscles. Repeat each motion 3 - 10 times before moving to the next. When you finish, your skin may be slightly pink from the increased circulation but will feel oh-so luxurious. Between uses, clean your roller with alcohol, witch hazel or with warm water and a little soap.

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