Sanitize & Moisturize


All this extra hand washing and sanitizing can really be hard on your hands, so we've bundled these together for you!

Sanitizer: We have team up with Whistling Andy Distillery to create Top Shelf Sanitizer for the health-care industry, private sector and the public. During this state of emergency, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has allowed American distillers to make ethanol to be used as an ingredient in sanitizer. Top Shelf Sanitizer is being produced in accordance with FDA and World Health Organization guidelines at the required 80% alcohol content. Our sanitizer is made with FOOD grade alcohol as opposed to FUEL grade. It is not a gel and has the consistency of water. 

- 4 fl oz - Sanitizer

 4 oz - Gypsy Cream
Fragrance Free

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Weight: 1.00 LBS
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Written by Christina on 16th Jun 2020


This cream is incredible! We are on our second jar and I plan on never running out again. We have used this to clear up a chemical burn (bad baby detergent), diaper rash (has not damaged our cloth diapers), cradle cap, dry skin, eczema, acne, and sunburns....though I’m sure the list will continue to grow. Thank you for making a product I feel confident will work and is safe for kids!

Written by Kerrie Maitland on 19th Apr 2020

Gypsy Cream & Sanitizer

Great moisturizing cream for this dry season of washing hands alot! The sanitizer is so handy for in my car and home. I spray it on my hands, the items i buy at a store, almost anything to help keep the spread of viruses and bacteria. Love these products!

Written by elsa on 18th Apr 2020

gypsy cream/ sanitizer

i first tried gypsy cream two years ago, when i found it in my gf’s mom’s cabinet. i was obsessed immediately. i have very sensitive, allergy prone skin, and my face often breaks out in allergic dermatitis and acne (i’m 25) etc., it really screwed with my self esteem for years. gypsy cream made a difference in just a few days. i absolutely love it and am so glad to have my own lil pot of it now- the hand sanitizer is also amazingg and i love how it’s in a squirt bottle. 10/10 y’all, ya rock.