Summer Skin Package

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Summer Skin Package
Buff up with this essential combo

Get ready for the warm, sunny months ahead! Beneath baggy sweaters and yoga pants, winter has taken its toll on your skin. But silky smooth, radiant arms and legs this summer are as easy as 1-2-3 with this restorative combo: Sweet Ash Scrub, Gypsy Cream and Oasis. 

Step 1. Exfoliate with Sweet Ash Scrub (8oz) - Start by shedding that dry outer layer of winter skin. If your heels are cracked, your arms are bumpy (keratosis pilaris) or you're just flaky all over, it's time to exfoliate. Our alpha hydroxy-rich Sweet Ash Scrub is made with nutritive raw honey, volcanic ash, turbinado sugar, hemp seed oil and a sweet blend of essential oils including lemongrass + ylang ylang. Alpha hydroxy acids remove the top layers of dead skin cells and help thicken deeper layers of skin, promoting firmness.

Before you hop in the shower, take a few minutes to rub in the scrub, but do so with care. You only want to remove the dead outer layer, not cause irritation. Sweet Ash Scrub is sugar and oil based, so it’s much gentler than salt-based scrubs.

Pro Tip: Start your exfoliation with your feet, using upward strokes toward your heart. Use counter-clockwise strokes on your tummy. Stroke upward on arms, from hands to chest. This helps improve circulation, boosts digestion, minimizes the appearance of cellulite, stimulates lymph nodes + detoxes all at the same time! Who doesn't want all that!?!

Step 2. Get on your glow with Gypsy Cream (4oz, Summer Breeze) - For the healthiest summer glow, hydrate inside and out. Drinking enough water is essential to your skin’s health, but it pays to hydrate externally, too. Gypsy Cream helps prevent water loss in heat or wind, attracts water to skin cells and smooths rough and flaking skin.

Hydrated skin is healthy skin, functioning at its peak. Skin cells can rapidly repair themselves and turn over fresh new cells, for huge anti-aging benefits down the road. Studies show that those who moisturize regularly develop wrinkles at a fraction of the rate of those who do not. And, Gypsy Cream is transdermal, meaning it works its way down to the deepest layer of your skin to replenish + aid healing from the bottom up.

What's more, Gypsy Cream has a natural SPF of about 15-20 to help shield skin from UV damage. Unlike most commercial sunscreens that contain a long list of questionable chemicals, Gypsy Cream is made from the purest organic ingredients. Use it generously. It won’t leave a greasy residue or clog pores. Apply in the morning, and you’re good to go all day.

Step 3. Nourish with Oasis body oil (8.5oz) - After applying Gypsy Cream, before heading outdoors and/or before bed, feed your skin with Oasis organic body oil. Oasis not only provides additional SPF protection from the sun’s harmful UV damage, but it also ensures that your summer skin will be smooth, supple and thoroughly hydrated.

Oasis features two powerful botanical oils, buriti oil and marula oil. Buriti oil supplies potent antioxidant protection, crucial for collagen production. Paired with marula oil, it enhances skin firmness and helps smooth cellulite. It also helps minimize patches of pigmentation and scars, giving you flawlessly smooth skin. Marula oil works day and night to protect your skin against the damaging effects of the sun, cold wind and environmental pollutants. As you sleep, it helps reverse damage by promoting the natural renewal of skin cells. Oasis rocks!

For more benefits and complete ingredients, see individual product pages.

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Does NOT contain GMOs, Sulfates, Parabens, Alcohol, Artificial Fragrance, Chemicals or Dyes!

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Written by KT on 27th Jul 2020

alas the ash

The oasis oil is nice, and gypsy cream is also a great product. Alas, the ash scrub just does not hold together as a scrub. Perhaps my jar did not emulsify correctly? The oil is very separate from the sugar, even after stirring before use as suggested. This means that the mixture is VERY messy to use, as the sugar you're trying to use as a scrub falls off rather than sticking to your skin. It feels like a lot of the product is wasted. I've taken to using it in the bath rather than the shower, so that the scrub doesn't got down the drain before my skin is able to absorb some of the nutrients. I really like Good Stuff products, but this particular one (at least my jar of it) is not working for me. I've used other scrubs before (both salt and sugar) and this is by far the messiest. Trying to get the right amount of oil on to hold the sugar is a challenge that I cannot quite master. : (

Written by Shelby Baldridge on 19th Jun 2018

Awesome products

I had used Gypsy cream in the past and just love it for a multipurpose moisturizer. I bought this gift set for my Mom for her birthday and she said she loves each product, especially the oil. She has very sensitive skin and your products are some of the few that don't make her skin react. Thank you!