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  • Cottonwood Creek

    Cottonwood Creek

    Cottonwood Creek has turned into a labor of love for us over here at The Good Stuff and you'll soon find out why it's a limited addition to our product line. We start during the coldest months of winter. We bundle up and...

  • Daily Facial Routine

    Daily Facial Routine
    $88.00 $78.00

    Daily Facial RoutineWhether your skin is acne prone or showing signs of aging, you will greatly benefit from this 3 step process. See the difference! 4oz Earth Tone3oz Oil Change8oz Montana Mud Scrub4oz Gypsy Cream 1...

  • Earth Tone

    Earth Tone

    Earth Tone is an artisan organic herbal skin toner which is a combination of herbs making it one of the world's finest cosmetic formulas. We infuse a combination of the beneficial herbs with apple cider vinegar for a long...

  • Equinox Locks

    Equinox Locks

    If there is one herb dedicated to the health of your hair it is Stinging Nettle. With a wide range of constituents consisting of certain essential vitamins and minerals such as magnesium (which in itself has impressive...

  • Full Facial Routine

    Full Facial Routine
    $128.00 $108.00

    Step 1 Steam Bag -Face Steam- Bring 2 quarts of water to a strong boil in a large pot. Toss is 1 tea bag, cover and let simmer for 2 mins. Remove from heat source and move to a spot where you will be able to comforatably sit...

  • Lip Fit

    Lip Fit

    Buy More Than 1 and Receive $2 offLip Fit is quickly becoming everyone's favorite lip balm! Kokum butter has cancer fighting agents, improves the elasticity of the skin, and is known as...

  • Looking Sharp

    Looking Sharp

    You'll always be putting your best face forward with Looking Sharp, the ultimate skin luxury. Looking Sharp face oil is light and velvety. It will transform your skin with it's powerhouse combination of nine oils that...

  • Milky Way

    Milky Way

    Give your skin the vacation it deserves. Transform your next soak into a soothing and silky Peruvian adventure leaving your skin as hydrated as the rainforest for days! Maca root is the base of this milk bath and can only be...

  • Mini Facial Kit

    Mini Facial Kit

    Experience a the luxury of a spa facial in the comfort of your own home. This regime will slough off dead skin cells, detoxify, lighten dark under eye circles, remove blackheads, calm inflamed skin, purify, lessen the...

  • Montana Mud Scrub

    Montana Mud Scrub

      Montana Mud Scrub gently buffs away impurities, dead skin cells, oil and dirt while detoxing your skin leaving it smooth and soothed. These cleansing grains are a great soap replacement product that nourish your skin...

  • Mother's Day Package

    Mother's Day Package

    TAKE BACK THE WRINKLES YOU GAVE HER This powerhouse trio..... Gypsy Cream will even out her skin tone and give her all day hydration with added uv protection. Looking Sharp gives her an added boost of essential minerals...

  • Oasis


    Deep within the Amazon and straight from the arid African plains comes Buriti and Marula oil that create the base of this fast-absorbing daily body moisturizer."Regarded as a sacred tree in Africa, the marula is...

  • Sheba's Secret

    Sheba's Secret

    Dead Sea Salt Herbal Bath Soak featuring Ache & Pain Relieving Pure Essential Oils. Legend says it was the Queen of Sheba who first valued the healing and beautifying powers of the Dead Sea. Sheba’s Secret is a...

  • Steam Me - Herbal Facial Steam

    Steam Me - Herbal Facial Steam


  • Sweet Ash Scrub

    Sweet Ash Scrub

    Sweet Ash Sugar ScrubA gentle Volcanic Ash and Turbinado Sugar exfoliant featuring organic Hemp, Coconut and Meadowfoam Oil. Sluffs off dead surface skin cells to reveal glowing, healthy-looking skin and restores vibrancy...

  • Gypsy Cream

    Gypsy Cream

    Our skin nourishing Gypsy Cream was inspired by an old Gypsy recipe, and the desire to find a powerful combination of nature's offerings to heal damaged skin that actually works without all the unneeded fillers and...

  • MeYe Turn

    MeYe Turn

    Other than referencing a fav song you grew up with or reminiscing about the fireside chats with Roosevelt, there are other things that can give away your age, like your eyes. Protect the windows to your soul with our...

  • Oil Change

    Oil Change

    Oil Change: A Facial Oil Cleanser featuring German Chamomile infused Palma Christi oil. Everyone's skin produces oil. Chemistry tells us that like dissolves like. So by massaging a quarter size amount of this oil on your...

  • Dark Matter

    Dark Matter

    Detoxifying and Purifying Mask Featuring Activated Coconut Charcoal Dark Matter will detox and draw out impurities of your skin. Eliminating blackheads and tightening pores leaving your skin flawless. Retains moisture...

  • Whisker Elixir

    Whisker Elixir

    Whisker Elixir: The Man Beard OilThe Beard is a historical emblem of power. Ensure that yours is as awesome as it should be with whisker elixir. provides your beard with a healthy dose of vitamins & minerals, reduces...



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