USA TODAY: Top 10 businesses to watch out for in 2022


1. Shepherd 

Founded in 2011, Shepherd is a global end-to-end human resources and talent management solutions company that helps organizations to connect, engage, manage and develop their workforce. Shepherd offers an integrated set of intuitive applications powered by social, mobile and cloud technologies to engage employees from pre-hire to retirement.

From talent acquisition to the core of human capital, Shepherd is driving engagement, retention, productivity and performance, while improving efficiency and real-time visibility.

Shepherd's innovation hub utilizes the latest science in Blockchain, AI/ML, deep and supervised learning, and cognitive automation to link corporate strategies with social intelligence and organizational performance.

2. Creative TRND

Creative TRND achieved world recognition in November 2018 by having one of its channels become “The World’s Most Watched Channel” across all social media platforms, generating over 5.4 billion minutes viewed in one calendar month.

Creative TRND partners with Google, Meta, Shopify, Tiktok and Wix to offer a wide range of services, including branding and design, content marketing, crypto marketing, influencer marketing, paid advertising, press releases, SEO, social media marketing and e-commerce solutions. With a stellar clientele and track record, Creative TRND has brought several high-profile ideas to fruition.

3. Corsa University

Corsa University is a virtual university that was founded in 2022 by Ethan Duran. The New York-based entrepreneur founded this program to aid and guide those seeking financial freedom. From enrollment to graduation, Corsa University has helped thousands of people achieve this goal.

What distinguishes Corsa University from other programs is that every instructor is a verified 7-figure earner. Each instructor is thoroughly vetted so that students can learn from the most qualified instructors across many industries.

4. Elevate Labs

Elevate Labs is an ambitious NFT studio with the creative minds behind The Wolf of Kensington (TWOK), a highly coveted carbon-neutral NFT collection of ultra-high quality generative art with real-world utility. 

The digital assets give holders access to a global concierge service worth $17,000 per year. Holders also have access to exclusive investment opportunities that would otherwise be out of their reach. 

The team behind the new company includes thought leaders in the Web3 space, leading blockchain developers, artists, animators and marketers with experience working with blue-chip companies, including eBay, EA Games, government entities and pension funds. The company is backed by a venture capital initiative set up by Woodbourne Group PLC, which has invested more than $1.2 million.

5. Always on Holiday Swim

In 2020, Finnish designer Laura Vilppula established the premium women’s swimwear brand, Always on Holiday Swim. The brand was born in the United Arab Emirates, a country of year-round sunshine. Sustainable principles and a jet-set lifestyle inform the brand. Its aesthetic is an interplay between old-world glamour and contemporary chic. Garments are crafted in Italy using recycled ocean plastic, which are prized for their longevity and performance.

Collections celebrate the voluptuous female form. Precision fitting items sculpt the female figure, accentuating curved hips, elongating the waist, and supporting a fuller bust. Celebrity clients include international superstars and models. In 2023 the brand will introduce a “mommy and me” collection and present at Miami Swim Week.

6. The Good Stuff Botanicals 

The Good Stuff Botanicals is a grassroots skincare company led by cofounders Michael and Maranda Johnson, based out of Bigfork, Montana. The company has been a leader in the green beauty industry for the last 10 years. Its skincare products feature organic and wild-crafted ingredients. The Good Stuff Botanicals is committed to the sustainability of its products down to the packaging.

One of its products, Gypsy Cream, which is based on a century’s old family recipe, has been featured in Vogue, People, Rolling Stones and Allure.

The company recently launched a line of seasonal skincare products to help the skin through shifts in weather and a herbal night salve to enhance dreams. The herbal gurus at The Good Stuff Botanicals are solving human issues in holistic ways.

7. Laree + Co.

Laree + Co is a baby and children's clothing brand. The brand was launched in memory of the founder’s daughter, Lilian Rose, to help spread awareness of children with complex conditions. Lillian's journey with Trisomy 18 is an inspiration to Laree + Co., which names its collections after individuals with medically complex conditons. Laree + Co. also created the Lilian Rose Foundation, which carries out various charitable and philanthropic endeavors.

Laree + Co. strives to offer beautiful, high-quality baby and children's clothing, graphic tees, blankets and accessories. Ten percent of all sales is donated to the Lilian Rose Foundation.

8. Drip Digital Media

Drip Digital Media is a team of 15 digital marketing experts focused on delivering the best paid advertising across all online channels in an ever-changing digital landscape. Having worked with over $250,000,000 in advertising, the team tailors its approach for each unique business.

Drip specializes in scaling up small businesses and optimizing large businesses by employing startup tactics that cut costs and leverage digital marketing. “Anyone can advertise, but it takes the right team to optimize,” said the CEO, Alex Lehman.

9. Digital Nod

Digital Nod is a full-service, digital public relations agency based in Florida. Founded in 2014, Digital Nod has established itself as a market leader with thousands of clients around the world and a unique solution-oriented approach. Digital Nod stands out with its stellar clientele and unparalleled industry expertise for Digital PR, online reputation management (ORM), and social media support services.

10. The Vets

The Vets have been revolutionizing pet care since day one. Operating in 16 major cities in the U.S., this mobile veterinary company has grown exponentially due to its excellent services, tech-forward approach, and client focus.

The Vets believes that the best pet care is at home. Some benefits of at-home pet care are the comfort, fear-free environment, no waiting rooms or lines, and most importantly, the bond between the vet and the pet.