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Gnarly Mountain Bike Crash
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I wanted to send you a few pictures that you are welcome to use as advertising for Gypsy Cream.  My husband races bikes and was doing a gravel race in the mountains a few weeks ago.  He had an awful crash, going over 25 mph hit a huge washout and flew through the air landing on gravel and large rocks.  Among other things (bruised ribs and concussion), he managed to score a large amount of severe road rash.  After cleaning and scrubbing the small bits of gravel out of his wounds with a toothbrush , I applied lots and lots of Gypsy Cream almost every night after he showered and dried.  The results were unbelievable!  He’s been riding/racing his bike for over 20 years and has lots of experience with road rash...he said this is the fastest it has ever healed!  
Thank you for making such an amazing product.  And I have to say, my husband is very low maintenance and doesn’t use the best quality skincare products (even with me trying to persuade him to), but after this he said, “he’s sold” and is a firm believer in Gypsy Cream.  He works for Trader Joe’s and said he wishes they would carry your products! 
Anyways, sorry for the long email, and thanks again! -Susanne Olson     


Oil Burn



Hi Miranda!
Thank you for calling. 
I am including the before and after pictures of my burn. I wish I had taken more before because a week after the first picture two blisters popped up on my thumb. One in by the cuticle(you can see the white/pale area if you zoom in) and one on the second knuckle. The wound therapist explained that the underlying damage had to be severe enough that it took a week for the skin to separate causing the blister. Anyway, the Gypsy Cream did an amazing job. The Gypsy Cream even relieved some of the discomfort from the burn. It was a nasty grease burn that is now barely noticeable. I got a burn from a firework two years ago that is now keloid, and I even had wound care people advising me on products to use to heal. It was a very different result and experience. 

Immediately after the burn. I used Gypsy Cream that night.

The morning after the burn. You can see the white are on the medial side of my thumb at the cuticle and medial side of the second knuckle. The superficial skin is already toast and would become blistered in a week due to the deep burn underneath. The diffuse burn has already reduced to the smaller severe localized spots where the grease hit and ran. Care from here till the month mark included Gypsy Cream application twice per day and a soft hand cover.

My hand looked this good less than one month after the burn. Twice a day Gypsy Cream application and covered. The blisters never opened, thank goodness. It continues to lighten in color with once a day application of Gypsy Cream. I no longer keep it covered as I'm not at risk for the skin to open and lead to infection. Plus my patients no longer notice:-) 

That's it in a nutshell. Thanks for being interested in the pictures. I was thankful I had just bought the Gypsy Cream. I use my hands all day everyday, and it really made a difference!

Have a super wonderful day!

Cresta Duin OTR/L, CLT




Back in May, I purchased some Gypsy cream for my mom who was suffering from a horrible rash on her face due to treatment for her stage 4 lung cancer. I bought it from a gentleman at the Kalispell Farmer's Market and he was even so kind to give me a discount on the product. Thank you! My mom has been using the cream faithfully since I sent it to her as it has worked remarkably well! Before using the cream, the rash was very painful, fiery red in color, would bleed and there were unattractive, unpleasant pustules covering most of the rash. My mom felt so depressed because of how it looked and how painful it was. She didn't even want to leave the house and was worried her young grandson would be scared of her. Within a few days of using the cream, the rash was no longer causing pain, the pustules have gone away, it is no longer inflamed, the bleeding has stopped and it's less red in color!! Dr. Bleeker, my mom's oncologist. couldn't believe how well the rash looked as he has never had any patient's rash clear up so much and in such a small amount of time. My mom has no idea what she would have done without the Gypsy Cream and is very grateful to you for creating a miracle working cream! Thank you, thank you!

With deep gratitude,










 A Word From Our Customers 

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Brandi | July 28, 2013

"I've tried what seems like 100's of different
face and body lotions over the years and 
none of them ever impressed me. They 
either just laid on my skin or disappeared 
in a short period of time. Gypsy Cream is by 
far the best product I've ever used on my 
face, under and above my eyes, neck and 
basically all over.  I've used it for several 
months now. Finally, I've found the best of 
the best skin care product." A big "Thank 
You" to Maranda & MJ! You are awesome 
and so are your products. Keep em coming!
Kay | July 6, 2013

My husband had a small oozy sore on his 
chest for about a year that would not heal.  
He had tried Neosporin and other lotions, 
but nothing worked.  He started using Gypsy 
Cream on it a couple of weeks ago, and it 
is healing.  The oozing has stopped and it 
now looks like a small red scar.  He is going 
to keep using it to see if all signs of the sore
will disappear.
Anonymous | June 14, 2013

As near as I can tell this green cream is the 
good stuff, at least for my hands. Only thing
I found that helps get rid of old-man hands. 
I haven't seen any cracked skin in over 2 
weeks, and it doesn't leave my hands 
greasy or shiny like other creams I've tried.  
Good stuff.
Anonymous | May 17, 2013

I got my jar of Gypsy Cream yesterday and 
I love it so much that I'm doing extra 
dishes just so I have an excuse to use
more :)
Crystal | May 30, 2013

wow wee i just tried this product on my hands
and the tiny dry lines went away....truly 
anti-aging thank you!
Emily April 19, 2013

I've been using my Gypsy Cream for three feels amazing at first contact and 
I'm loving it. Thank you so much!
Trina | May 16,2013

My 7 year old got a bad sunburn on the
back of 
her neck this last weekend
(it was purple! 
poor kid) We slathered
it with Gypsy Cream 
before bed and
when she got up, within 24 
hours the
burn was gone, the peeling was 
done and now she has healthy pink skin!
Crystal | June 12, 2013

This cream is really wonderful. I am a 55 
year old woman, and I started using 
Gypsy Cream just over two weeks ago.  
I have really noticed a difference in my 
skin.  It looks and feels so much more 
naturally hydrated.   My lips are not 
chapped, the lines around my mouth, 
eyes and neck are becoming less 
noticeable, and I have had no breakouts on
my face.  Every other facial cream I have 
tried with Shea Butter has caused me 
problems. My cuticles are the healthiest 
they have been in years, and the rough 
skin around my knees that I have been 
fighting forever is getting soft. I think I 
have made a mistake skipping putting it
on my feet, and that I am going to see 
what it will do to repair them. Pedicure
Anonymous | May 1, 2013

very very impressive!!!
Gretal | April 30.2013

I still LOVE your product and doing my 
best to spread the love to my friends, 
family and coworkers. Thank you for 
that and for creating these wonderful
Vickie | July 25, 2013

Thank you for the great products and all
of your research and use of great 
Cheryl N. | July 15, 2013


Bought all three products at Polson. 
Love them!! I have used many products
before and recently decided to go more
natural. The gypsy creme is amazing.
I will be back to Polson next week and
will bring my Texas friends by and get 
another round for myself.

​Sandi H. | July 17, 2013




































































Swimmer's Itch & Burns

​08.02.13  The Polson market got drizzled on
most of the day today, but that didn't keep
the market-goers away! We had a returning
family that came down with the infamous
Flathead Lake Swimmer's Itch. Their poor,
short-haired dog had it the worst and
especially bad on her belly. Mom must
have remembered all of the anti-bacterial
properties of the Gypsy Cream that we told
her about and gave the pup a rub down.
Within 10-15 mins the redness and  
puffiness subsided and the itching stop.

Another regular at the Polson Market stopped
by to update us on her 4th of July motorcycle
muffler burn. She's been religiously applying
her Gypsy Cream and the burn is nearly gone,
less than a month later. She was so proud and
excited, she showed the next few groups of
people that approached our booth. Never
hurts to gain another Gypsy Cream


Gout Troubles

​07.27.13  An elder lady visited our booth
in hometown Bigfork. She slowly makes her
waytowards our direction heavily relying on
her cane. She tried the cream and was
about to walk away when she asked if
we had anything that would help with gout.
I've heard of gout on a number of
occasions, but never heavily researched
it, so I asked her if she could explain it a
to us. She basically boiled it down to
nerve issues in her feet. Remember
our experience from earlier that week,
we quickly handed her a tester size jar
of Gypsy Cream and asked if she would
give it a try and keep in touch. Sunday
night we received an amazing phone
call. She applied the Gypsy Cream to her
feet and ankles before she went to bed.
She awoke in the middle of the night,
went to rise out of bed and didn't need
the assistance of her cane! She fully
investigated what was going on in the
morning and was blown away when she
say that the swelling was completely
gone. She weighed herself and learned
that she was ten pounds lighter. The
swelling around her ankles caused her
to retain that much water,
unbelievable! Her doctor was amazed
and the customer felt truly blessed.
She made her way and found us at
the Wed market in Bigfork. We saw
her jaunt her way across the parking
lot - no cane in sight. Gypsy Cream is
seeming more and more like a
cure-all cream. 


Eczema Relief

​07.26.13  Polson Farmer's Market, one of
our favorites. We wake up at the crack of
dawn and sip on coffee as make our way
south down the east shore of beautiful
Flathead Lake. We meet a lot of people
throughout the markets, but try our
hardest to make connections with
everyone, especially our customers.
Seeing a face we remembered, a women
approached our booth that had bought
our Earth Tone and Gypsy Cream two
markets prior. A powerful combination
of our products that we recommend for
those in need for psoriasis eczema
relief. She was so excited to tell us
that the four eczema spots she had,
that she just couldn't get rid of,
vanished in five days! Happiness
all around! 


Nerve Issues

​07.25.13  Great market in Columbia
Falls, Montana.  A women and her
husband approached our booth today
and tried our Gypsy Cream. As we got
to talking she explained to us how she
had a rare nerve disorder and had been
paralyzed for over eight months. Her
husband and care taker, desperate to
heal his wife, heard about the healing
properties of hot springs so they packed
up and headed west. For the first time in
several months she felt normal as she
relaxed and soaked. We explained to
her that hot spring water was our
second ingredient. We carried on for
about 10 mins and she let this sigh
of relief as she rubbed her hands.
They felt relaxed she told us. I
couldn't tell if her eyes were welling
up with tears since mine were
all ready at that point.  She
couldn't wait to try it on her feet, the
most painful area.