Our Ingredients
We use the highest quality ingredients in all of our products using them in their rawest and least refined state as possible. Every ingredient has a specific purpose and job to do, we will never add any fillers. There are no added synthetic fragrances as they can disturb allergies, but feel to add your own essential oils if you wish. Precautions have been made to ensure that none of our botanicals used contain any GMOs, parabens, and gluten. 

GMO stands for genetically modified organism which can be defined as organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. The technology is often called “modern biotechnology” or “gene technology”, sometimes also “recombinant DNA technology” or “genetic engineering”. It allows selected individual genes to be transferred from one organism into another, also between non-related species. We consider GMO products to be unsafe for human and animal consumption. 

We also avoid other man-made chemicals such as parabens. Parabens are effective preservatives in many types of cosmetic and  pharmaceutical formulas. These compounds, and their salts, are used primarily for their bactericidal and fungicidal properties.With the unnaturalness of parabens and the recent hype connecting breast tumors and early childhood puberty to parabens, we are proud to say that you will not find them in our products. 

Knowing the concerns of our consumers with celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders, we do not use any gluten or derivative in the making of our hemp lotion, 
Gypsy Cream. Some producers coat equipment with a gluten base to ensure that the product does not stick to the machines. We use elbow grease and spatulas to ensure that any product does not go to waste. However, our Montana Mud Scrub contains rolled-oats which is considered a gluten. Some deem it inconsequential because the protein that causes problems is too large to be absorbed through the skin. 

We like to say, "No Funny Stuff" when describing our products. You can pronounce all of the ingredients and probably are familiar with all of them. Please take the time to look through some of the ingredients we use and their benefits. 

almond-benefits.jpg  aloe-vera.jpg  beeswax.jpg benefits-of-oats.the-good-stuff-botanicals.jpgcalendula.the-good-stuff-botanicals.jpg  chamomile.the-good-stuff-botanicals.jpg  comfrey-leaf.-the-good-stuff-botanicals.jpg  hemp-seed-oil.jpg  lavender.the-good-stuff-botnaicals.jpg  lemon-balm-benefits.the-good-stuff-botanicals.jpg  lemon-peel.-the-good-stuff-botanicals.jpg  mineral-water.jpg  poppy-seed-benefits.the-good-stuff-botanicals-2-.jpg  rosemary.the-good-stuff-botanicals.jpg  sage.the-good-stuff-botanicals.jpg  
shea-butter.jpg  wild-rose.the-good-stuff-botaniclas.jpg  witch-hazel.jpg