Skin Care Routines



Daily Face Care Tips

Good Morning! Start the day with your best face forward...

1. Combine a tablespoon of Montana Mud Scrub into your hand and add about     1/2 tbls of honey    and enough water until a paste is formed. Massage into your face using gentle, circular motions. Remove with warm water and pat dry with clean towel. 

1.5 Alternate with Oil Change every other day, or work it into a nightly routine because it's great at removing make-up too. Start by massaging a quarter size amount onto face for 2 mins. Let it set for 5-10 mins then wipe off using a washcloth & hot water. Learn more about the Oil Cleansing Method here.

2. Close your eyes while holding the Earth Tone bottle from about 10" from face and give your skin as many spritzes as it takes to cover your face and neck. Let your skin soak in the goodness before moving onto step 3. 

3. A little goes a long way when applying Gypsy Cream, your skin will tell you how much you need.  Let your skin soak up the Gypsy Cream. Applying the perfect amount will leave your skin glowing, not greasy. Be sure to slather your neck, décolleté and backs of your hands while you're at it! 



...Or whenever life presents a 30 min window for a relaxing spa day

Step 1.
sTEAm Bags - Facial Steam
Heat up 2 quarts of water to just 175°F. Just like tea, you need the proper temperature water to ensure you don't scald the herbs.  Toss in 1 tea bag and let simmer for about 2 mins. Remove from heat source and move the pot to a spot where you will be able to comfortably sit for at least 15 mins and lean over pot. Drape a Large towel over both your head and pot to capture the steaming herbal water. If you get too warm, its okay to peek your head out of your towel fort. 

Step 2. the-good-stuff-botanicals-montana-mud-scrub-mud-mask.jpg
Montana Mud Scrub - Facial Exfoliant
Mix with enough honey and water to make a thick paste to gently buff away impurities, dead skin cells, oil & dirt while detoxing your skin leaving it smooth & soothed. Great soap replacement product that norishes your skin & reduced fine lines. Begin by rinsing face with warm water and massage onto face. Rinse off with warm water. Pat skin dry to prepare for step 3.   

Step 3.-dsc0004-2-.jpg
Dark Matter - Spot Treatment/Face Mask
Applying a thin layer of the dark goo to your entire face or just use as a spot treatment on acne or under eye bags will detox and draw out impurities of your skin. Eliminating blackheads and tightening pores leaving your skin flawless. Retains moisture while deep cleaning. unclogs pores without leaving a residue allowing skin to breathe freely. when applied to under eye skin, dark matter draws out the heavy dirt that causes the skin to sag  leaving your face toned and radiant. After the DARK MATTER turns grey, your ready to wash off. If your skin is still holding onto the DARK MATTER the OIL CHANGE will extract the rest in step 4.

Step 4.
Oil Change - Oil Cleansing Method Face Wash
Everyone’s skin produces oil and Chemistry tells us that like dissolves like. so by massaging a quarter size amount of this oil on your face for 2 mins, what you’re doing  is dissolving away dirty oil & replenishing it with clean, nourishing oil. There are no harsh chemicals involved. No suds or alcohol. Nothing to actually strip your skin of its oil. Let it set for 5-10 mins then wipe off using a washcloth & hot water.  

Step 4.
Earth Tone - Herbal Facial Toner
Earth tone was inspired by one of the oldest formulas to date, the queen of hungary’s water. Helps to tone & tighten the skin, balances  pH, eliminates blackheads, aids with acne & troubled skin, minimizes  fine lines & wrinkles . Great antiseptic & itch relief too! may be beneficial in the treatment of acne,  rosacea, razor cuts, bruises, dermatitis, porous facial skin, cracked heels, nail infection, eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, and wrinkles. Spritz onto face or apply with a cotton ball. Wait for skin to fully absorb before moving onto to step 6. 

Step 6. 
Gypsy Cream - Moisturizer
Gypsy Cream can reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars and stretch marks. Eases a variety  of  skin   irritations   such as psoriasis, eczema  & sunburns. May restore  elasticity to skin while driving nutrients and other constituents into the deeper layers of the skin. Has  anti-inflammatory, antibacterial  &  antiviral  benefits. Contains Vitamin A which helps soften & rehydrate dry skin & aids in cell reconstruction. A little goes a long way. Massage a small amount onto face.