Product Care

Shelf Life

Standard skin care contains up to 85% water, and requires the addition of preservatives to prevent the growth of bacteria. Our products are free of these harsh preserving chemicals and should be treated a little more delicately. Make sure that your hands are clean before dipping them into the jars. Keep other particulates out of containers. Replace lids immediately after use with the exception of Montana Mud Scrub. Once opened we recommend you finish the product within 6 months for optimum nutrient potency. 


Like all skin care products, heat will speed up the oxidation of the oils. To keep our skin care products in good condition, we recommend storing them below 80°F. If the ambient temperature rises above, we recommend storing them in the fridge until cooler conditions return.

If you find the creams have melted because of overheating, they may contain tiny crystals or granules when they re-solidify. There is a simple quick remedy. Empty into a glass bowl a double boiler, and melt very gently on the lowest possible heat, stirring continuously, until the cream is just liquid, then return the liquid to the jar. Sit the jar in ice, taking care that no water enters the jar, and stir with a clean spoon until the contents re-solidify. Once  the cream re-solidifies, it should be creamy and free of granules.

Alway store out of direct sunlight.