About Us



ABOUT US:  We are a Montana team passionate about healthy lifestyles, and whose organic products are backed by nature's chemistry. It all started out of necessity in 2012. Michael Johnson, co-founder & concocter at The Good Stuff Botanicals, developed psoriasis in his early 20's. By the time he met his wife, Maranda he had tried everything to soothe and repair his skin. Michael was about ready to throw in the towel and accept his skin fate when Maranda started hitting their personal library, found a family recipe, and began researching. Two years of trial and error went by when they finally developed Gypsy Cream. The cream was just too good to be kept a secret, so they quit their day jobs and started a business in hopes to relieve other’s skin woes. Two weeks after quitting our day jobs, they found out that a new member would soon be joining their family in 9 months! This motivated them to truly put their all into building a business that fed their souls, helped their community, and sustain their growing family. A couple years went by of setting up booths at festivals, art shows, and farmer's markets before their wholesale accounts let them take a step back and focus their business into other directions. Kiddo number 2 came along and was not into the booth scene, so readjusting was a must. Fast forward to present, The Good Stuff Botanicals team has expanded into a cute little brick and mortar cabin in the village of Bigfork, where Maranda grew up. They are in over 130 retailers and counting and have been featured in some of the biggest publications in the world. They are still ridiculously invested in making The Good Stuff the BEST it can be. They still hike into the mountains with their 2 children and do all the wildcrafting for the business while developing new products and lending a hand in their community. 



Understanding that our skin absorbs 60% of what we apply topically into our bloodstream, we use only the best, healthy ingredients in our products. We have scoured all corners of this earth to source our ingredients to their indigenous origin, from Indian kokum butter to Montana mineral water. We often base our formulas after age-old, tried and true recipes. We use certified organic, GMO free ingredients and steer clear of parabens, sulfates, chemicals and fragrance, and dyes. “No funny stuff!” We strongly believe that you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you can’t ingest, so we consider all of our products skin food! 

Some of our products, like Cottonwood Creek, have ingredients that we have sustainably hand harvested ourselves from the mountains of Montana, where the air is clear of pollution. This is where we've dubbed the term "RAWGANIC". It's not certified organic,  but it's straight from the raw earth, even better! 



We pretty active in our community and strive to be involved more. We set up a booth at 3 farmer’s markets a week for a 6 month period and enjoy talking with townies and outta staters alike. Throughout the years we've seen a lot of skin issues solved that wouldn’t have happened any other way and we don’t mind hitting the road to attend shows or doing demos at our retailers either. We donate product to birthing centers, hospitals, veterans, and anyone that is in special need. We’re also members of our Chamber of Commerce in Bigfork and donate as much time as we can to community events, we've even spearheaded an Earth Day event in Bigfork, MT. We’re always up for donating product for fundraising or raffles, so ask us! We currently donate to NPR, Missoula College Radio, Kalispell Medical Regional Center, Heart & Hands, Fern Creek Midwives and Bigfork School Gardens to name a few.