Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits For Skin

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegarapple-cider-vinegar-benefits.jpg

Apple cider vinegar is a good remedy for blocked pores because it contains malic acid, a natural 
acid that loosens the outer layer of dead skin cells and prevents inflammation. It tones your skin, 
reduces blemishes and promotes a more balanced complexion. Apple cider vinegar is naturally 
antiseptic and antibacterial, plus it helps balance the pH of your skin (which is actually supposed
to be slightly acidic). 
Apple cider vinegar’s bacteria-fighting capabilities partly stem from its sulfur content. Sulfur can 
be found in many skincare products, especially those designed for fighting acne. Sulfur can 
unclog pores by removing bacteria and oil from deep within the skin. In addition, the trace sulfur 
content of apple cider vinegar likely contributes to its ability to boost skin glow. The antioxidants 
in apple cider vinegar can improve blood flow to areas of the skin to which the toner is applied as 
well, which can help clear out toxins in those areas while also giving the skin a rosy appearance.

The acidity in apple cider vinegar helps your skin’s surface find the perfect level between oily and 
dry by balancing the pH levels. It helps to reduce acne, red marks and blemishes and softens 
your skin. You can mist our Earth Tone or dab it on with a cotton ball after washing your face.  
It will help lock in moisture and leave your skin glowing. Don’t worry, your face will not smell like 
vinegar for the rest of the day as the smell quickly fades seconds after application and is barely 
noticeable by the time it is infused with all the herbs and lavender oil. 

Alongside all of the other health benefits of apples, substances like malic acid are formed in the 
creation of apple cider vinegar, giving it antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties and are a 
big part of what makes it so good for your skin. It is rich in Alpha Hydroxy acids which help 
dissolve fatty deposits on the skin and dead skin cells which appear as little flakes or dry patches
, revealing a fresher and healthier complexion once removed. Many expensive commercial face
washes trumpet the miniscule amounts of alpha hydroxy acids they’ve added to their 
preparations, but ACV is full of higher levels for much less.

As mentioned earlier, apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and antifungal properties to help prevent acne and skin infections. As well at as effectively removing excess oil from your skin, it is said to help balance pH levels and over time may prevent your facial skin from becoming both too oily or too dry by normalizing sebum production.
Apple cider vinegar is often recommended as a treatment for age spots and warts.
For age spots it is usually applied undiluted, just to the spots directly. Preferably this should be done several times a day for at least a month.  ACV also helps with varicose veins because of its high levels of vitamins, which will work to deter and reduce the veins.