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Looking Sharp


You'll always be putting your best face forward with Looking Sharp, the ultimate skin luxury. Looking Sharp face oil is light and velvety. It will transform your skin with it's powerhouse combination of nine oils that provide deep hydration, leaving your complexion radiant after the first application.

Prickly Pear oil if full of antioxidants and contains more vitamin e than any other oil, 150% more than Argan oil, leaving your face feeling almost as soft as the day you were born. When combined with a healthy dose of other provitamins, Looking Sharp will stop those pesky free radicals right in their tracks and even reverse damage done by past intruders. With it's fair share of linoleic acid, this formula stimulates the skins cell turnover production and improves the moisture barrier for enhanced cellular function and hydration, leaving your face supple, healthier and thus younger looking. High amounts of vitamin k are proven to brighten dark spots and under-eye circles while keeping acne at bay. Enriched with Watermelon oil which has been shown to have a significant effect in water retention or edema. Say good-bye to that extra under-eye baggage and general puffiness! This ultimate face oil also protects against hyper-pigmentation helping to balance skin tone.  No greasy residue and absorbs quickly into your skin. 

The refined and delicate scent of the pure essential oils of frankincense, helicrysum, rose and neroli will envelope your skin and give an extra boost that compliments the bliss of Looking Sharp. 


So let's recap. A face oil that deeply hydrates and packs your skin full of antioxidants, amino acids, and rare trace minerals without clogging your pores or promoting acne. Increases college production, reduces puffiness and dark circles, fights and reverses free radical damage and leaves your skin ridiculously soft after the very first use. Ummm yeah! What else could you ask for!?


30 ml (1 fl oz)


USE  Add a little extra umph to your moisturizing routine  by patting a few pumps of oil to a freshly moisturized face to get you looking sharp! Or use as a stand alone moisturizer or primer before makeup.  Prickly pear oil  prevents wrinkles, slows signs of aging, brightens dark spots, tightens pores, restores elasticity and nourishes your skin!  

Ingredients: Organic oils of: Prickly pear, watermelon seed, primrose, moringa, hemp, rose, cherry, papya, plum, essential oils of frankinsense, helicrysum, rose and neroli  

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Written by Brooke Halperin on 7th Dec 2018


Provides soft and not oily skin. One pump goes a long way. I can wear it under my makeup or mixed with my night cream. It also works great on my cuticles.

Written by Kasey on 27th Sep 2018

On my second bottle!

I love this facial oil! I have combination skin that gets really dry in cold weather. Thanks to the Looking Sharp facial oil that doesn't happen anymore. Now my skin stays soft and hydrated. I'm currently on my second bottle of this and absolutely love it - and it smells so lovely. Thanks!!

Written by Liz on 26th May 2017

A little bit makes my whole face soft

I bought this at Kalispell Farmer's Market after sampling and it is working very well for me. I use Gypsy Cream and then a bit of this on the dryer areas of my face. My face stays soft feeling as well as comfortably soft all day. The light fragrance when applying makes me happy also. It just smells light and fresh.