Pumpkin Face Oil



Pumpkin Face Oil

Deep Hydration with out Pore Cloggation (that's not really a word, but it makes sense, right?)

Hellllo, GOURDgeous! This is the last and final step #3 in our Autumnal Transition Face Routine! Probably a good thing too, are you sick of our pumpkin puns yet?

This face oil is formulated with of course pumpkin oil, but also other in-season oils like pomegranate and rosehip. Nature has a beautiful way of supplying us what we need when we need it most. All the oils we have used in this deeply nourishing oil do NOT clog your pores and benefits ALL skin types from acne to aging. Pomegranate has high levels of linoleic acid, which balances sebum levels. It also has punicic acid, which has high antioxidant and skin-protecting properties. These 2 acids are key during this time of year because our skin is going through the ringer. The temperature fluctuates from warm to cold, the air becomes dryer and the wind sucks out moisture as it blows by. It's no wonder our skin is confused, and kicks our sebum production into overdrive, or maybe it decides we don't need any oil at all. GAH! This oil gives you exactly what you need. Rosehip oil is also full of vitamin A, like Pumpkin oil, but it also has a ton of astringent properties that help tighten your pores and brighten your skin helping to maintain that summer toned look. 

Why Pumpkin? Why now? With the change of seasons comes a change in our skin’s needs. Temperature, humidity, UV, and wind are all environmental factors that effect our skin and pumpkin is the answer for the autumnal transition.  Pumpkin Contains fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids, which increase cell turnover, to brighten and smooth the skin to keep it as vibrant as it was in the summer months. Antioxidant vitamin A and Vitamin C help soften + soothe the skin to boost collagen production to prevent the signs of aging, and zinc to counteract acne when our skin starts to produce more oil during the temperature swings.

How to use: Apply a few pumps of oil to finger tips. With light pressure massage oil in circular motions all over face. Using the ring fingers to gently pat oil around the eye area. Let skin fully absorb the oil through the night or before applying makeup.  

Ingredients: Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Pomegranate Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Meadowfoam Oil,
Essential Oils Of: Coffee, Ginger, Nutmeg, Clove, and Cardamon

-No Funny Stuff-
Does NOT contain GMOs, Parabens, Sulfates, Fragrance, Alcohol, Chemicals or Dyes!

 2 fl oz

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Written by Carol Culham on 16th Oct 2020

Great stuff

I am so very happy with the Pumpkin Face oil. I will have to buy more now before they run out of stock. WONDERFUL STUFF !!

Written by Ellery on 5th Oct 2020

Can't get enough of this luscious oil!

I am a serial "changer upper" of face products, getting intrigued by this review, or that packaging, but not any more! Wild horses couldn't drag me away from my new favorite face oil. It is so hydrating without clogging my pores, smells divinely of warm coffee and pumpkin, and makes my skin glow like nothing else I have ever used. I also love that I can trust the ingredients and know that I am putting a pure, clean, and effective product on my face. I hope this stays around, or else I am going to have to buy enough to last me until next fall. IT'S THAT GOOD!

Written by Leslie broussard on 29th Dec 2019

Pumpkin Face Oil

This is hands down my favorite product! I use it every morning and again before bed. It goes on like silk, smells wonderful, soaks in and makes my skin instantly look brighter and feel hydrated. I have aging skin and spend a lot of time outdoors, so staying hydrated is really important for my face. I hope this stays on as a permanent product, not just seasonal, or else I need to stock up! Can I freeze it? lol

Written by Vickie Hemphill on 9th Nov 2019

In love with this product!

This oil is very light so I wear it as a day moisturizer/ primer for my foundation - it makes my face glow! It’s also perfect for nighttime as it gives my moisturizer a nice boost. And don’t get me started on the luscious fragrance! Love this product.

Written by Rochelle Hecht on 24th Oct 2019

Pumpkin Face Oil

Love Love Love this fabulous new oil! It's very hydrating and is filled with pumpkin spice scents to really invigorate and refresh. Goes well under make-up in the morning or as your final moisturizer at bedtime.