How Do Facial Oils Work And Why Do They Matter?

How Do Facial Oils Work And Why Do They Matter

In today’s skincare market, there’s a product for everything. In fact, there are so many products that it can get overwhelming or even intimidating, especially for someone jumping into the skincare bandwagon for the first time. One of the most common misconceptions people have is that serum and facial oil are the same, when they’re entirely different things and serve different purposes. Serums have smaller molecules, allowing the product to penetrate deeper into the skin. As such, they are designed to repair and protect the skin from concerns such as hyperpigmentation, aging, and acne. However, face oils contain larger molecules that work to improve and maintain the skin’s barrier. Essentially, they ensure that the skin remains well-moisturized. In this article, we look into how facial oils work.

How Do Facial Oils Work?

It’s important to know that facial oils aren’t moisturizers. Their primary function isn’t to moisturize the skin. Instead, they help maintain the skin’s hydration. You see, facial oils are emollients and occlusives. Emollients soothe and soften the skin’s outer layer, called the epidermis, while occlusives act as a protector to prevent transepidermal water loss on the skin’s barrier. In addition, occlusives strengthen the skin. In conclusion, facial oils ensure water stays in our skin while driving away any pollutants and environmental aggressors. As they officially ‘lock’ the skin, facial oils should be applied at the end of your skincare routine.

Contrary to popular belief, facial oils aren’t just meant for dry skin. It can work wonders for people with oily skin as well, though it might sound counter-intuitive. It all comes down to finding the right facial oil for your skin. Remember, every skin is different, so do take time to explore and do adequate research. As some oily skin can actually be dehydrated, applying facial oil can trap moisture in the skin, preventing it from producing excess oil.

Importance of Facial Oils

Besides adding an extra dose of hydration to the skin, facial oils should be incorporated into your skincare routine. They help to keep free radicals and other harmful pollutants away from your skin. Free radicals cause our skin to lose its collagen production, leading to aging effects such as wrinkles, dark spots, loose skin, and fine lines. These can be challenging to get rid of in the future. In severe cases, too much exposure to free radicals can also result in skin cancer. As such, in order to protect the outer layer of your skin, facial oils should be applied, regardless of your skin type.

Why Choose The Good Stuff Botanicals?

At The Good Stuff Botanicals, you have the choice of two facial oils, depending on what your skin needs. For deep hydration during the winter months, we recommend the Winter Rose Oil. For the summer heat, there’s the Sea Dragon Face Oil. Our Winter Rose Oil is formulated with rosehip oil and packed with vitamin E, vitamin A and other antioxidants, which promise healthy skin by boosting collagen production, tightening pores, and brightening the skin overall. Our Sea Dragon Face Oil is suitable for more humid weather as it’s incredibly light and refreshing. Expect ingredients such as algae oil and blue spirulinathat block UV rays and cleanse the skin. Dragon fruit is also formulated in the face oil, reducing inflammation and soothing sunburns.