Ingredient Feature: Green Coffee Bean Extract

Ingredient Feature: Green Coffee Bean Extract

Get your ANTI-AGING on with Green Coffee Bean Extract! 

There's a swarm of factors that can influence the process of skin aging. Stress + environmental pollutants don't do us any favors, but long-term sunlight exposure will fast track the aging process.This is known as photo-aging and gives us fine lines, wrinkles, loose and dry skin, and discoloration. Research has strongly proven that the extract from green coffee beans, by way of cold pressing (heat destroys antioxidants), has a HUGE rejuvenation effect on aging skin. In a Japanese study, treated subjects experienced significant improvements in the appearance of wrinkles, firmness, redness, and texture of facial skin.

In a Brazilian test of coffea arabica seed oil on human skin, they found a 1.5-fold increase in elastin production and a nearly 2-fold increase in collagen production compared to the controls. These two proteins are ESSENTIAL for smoothing wrinkles and preserving the firmness and flexibility of facial skin. 

Between the caffeine and other active constituents, green coffee bean extract possess strong antioxidant properties that minimize the adverse effects of cumulative UV exposure. Caffeine excites the cells and effectively targets and diminishes the appearance of crow’s feet. ALL these reasons are why this is a KEY ingredient in our MeYe Turn anti-aging serum. 

Anyone else feel like a cup of joe now? I DO!

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