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Gypsy Cream

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So healing that it has replaced a steroid in hospitals!

Inspired by a centuries-old Romanian gypsy recipe, Gypsy Cream was originally created to treat psoriasis. But dermatologists, estheticians and our customers have discovered that this super-healing, natural formula is effective for a long list of common skin issues- everything from acne and dermatitis to the fine lines of aging and even chemo/radiation irritations.

Although Gypsy Cream has been dubbed a “magic miracle treatment,” you won’t find smoke + mirrors in our ingredients list. What you will find:

  •  Organic Hemp Seed Oil – with unique anti-inflammatory properties to detoxify and heal; cold pressed 3 hours after harvest to best preserve its powerful antioxidants and omega 3 + 6 essential fatty acids.
  •  Montana Hot Springs Mineral Water – rumored to have the second highest trace mineral content in the world! These rare but vital minerals and an alkaline 9.6 pH work together to repair damage and promote radiant, healthy skin.
  •  Aloe Vera – in an ideal amount to enhance the cream’s transdermal effect and provide a full range of essential amino acids.
  • Raw, Organic Shea Butter – free-trade harvested by a woman’s group in Ghana, Africa, this superior shea butter will increase the collagen and elasticity of your skin. It even provides natural SPF.

Together, the high-quality, natural ingredients in Gypsy Cream will give your skin what it needs to be happy + healthy + balanced.

-No Funny Stuff-
Gypsy Cream does NOT contain: GMOs, Parabens, Sulfates, Fragrance, Alcohol,
Chemicals or Dyes!

Complete Ingredients:  Certified Organic
Raw Hemp Seed Oil, Montana Mineral Water, Certified Organic Raw Shea Butter, Aloe Vera with naturally derived potassium sorbate, Certified Organic Beeswax


***** “I use Gypsy Cream for EVERYTHING—as a moisturizer
and for cuts, scrapes, burns, hangnails—literally any skin imperfection! … beats
ANY of the creams the dermatologists have given me, hands down!’ – Amy

Uses: Gypsy Cream has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and emollient properties. Use it on your face to erase or minimize fine lines, soften skin and help protect against sun damage. But don’t stop there: use Gypsy Cream to treat skin problems wherever they occur. It’s so gentle and effective that hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Units are now using it to replace steroids for treating diaper rash. Others, including dermatologists, report that it has worked wonders for psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, burns of all kinds (including sunburn), infected open wounds, and road rash. Some have even found that the high mineral content of Gypsy Cream’s healing waters provides comfort to sore and aching muscles!

How to: A little goes a long way. Apply Gypsy Cream to your face for a glow that will last all day without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue. Hemp oil’s molecular structure is small enough to penetrate your skin’s dermis layer, nourishing from the bottom up to reverse + protect it from free radical damage. Apply to other areas that need TLC as often as necessary.

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5 Average based on 108 reviews Write a Review
Written by Ty on 19th Jan 2019

Great little moisturizer cream

This is my first time trying this cream and I simply love it! To be on the safe side I ordered the 4oz jar, which I’m glad I did because a little goes a long way! I’ve used it on my entire body and it feels so good! It has a rather thick consistency, but I have dry skin so this works wonders on my face and other areas that need more attention with dryness. The shipping was very prompt which I will definitely be ordering this product again!

Written by Pat Hierl on 5th Jan 2019

Gypsy Cream is better than good; it's great!

Rash not helped by a number of prescription drugs. Found out about Gypsy Cream from local paper, so I ordered some. Took care of the rash. Also use it on my face and hands. I have given it as gifts and everyone loves how it works.

Written by Jen on 4th Jan 2019

Gypsy Cream

Some of the best stuff out there! It's the go-to cream at our house. I use it every day on my face. The kids find all sorts of reasons to use it and they all received their own jar for Christmas! We like the earthy smell, means no junk has been added to the miracle blend! Most recently, it aided in clearing up a diaper rash and a cold sore. Thanks Good Stuff, for creating Gypsy Cream!

Written by Tracy on 25th Dec 2018


I hadn’t used my gypsy cream in a while and completely forgot about it. But the past two weeks I had a flare up of perioral dermatitis and it’s gotten raw and red and not healing very well with using rose water Hydrosol and other eczema treatments. I found this in my drawer today and opted to give it another shot. At first it stung a bit but I think that may have been from the potassium sorbate and because my skin was so raw. But it literally is soothing the rash. Unfortunately these flare ups take their time in healing because they are autoimmune. But it’s really great to have something that offers relief and is all natural. It’s my understanding that hemp is identical to the oils that our natural skim makes so it won’t clog the pores. And I’m a huge fan of all the ingredients. also, I have spoken with a couple of the customer care people over at The Good Stuff and they really take their time explaining the products. With my sensitive skin I’m not brave enough to try any other products at this point, but if you have sensitive skin or really dry raw skin, this is your best bet. Nothing OTC or prescribed works well for me. I’m grateful and will be ordering the larger jar next time Thank you!!!

Written by Rachel on 16th Dec 2018

Gypsy cream

I came across and ad for your product at work. I have been struggling in the winter with extremely dry skin. It was tough wearing foundation with the dry spots. I’ve been using gypsy cream now for 2 weeks and can definitely tell a difference in my skin. And I’ve been telling all my clients about it at work! I will definitely be a long term customer. Great job on making this!

Written by Katie on 7th Dec 2018

Sent from the Heavens above!

Gypsy Cream is sent straight from Heaven! I honestly use this stuff for EVERYTHING! A moisturizer, cuts, scraps, burns, hangnails, literally any skin imperfection! I have horribly sensitive skin and deal with frequent breakouts, and I have never found a product that works for my skin like Gypsy Cream. This stuff hands down beats out ANY of the creams the dermatologist have given me!

Written by Jessica Baumgardner on 6th Dec 2018

Perfect for my infant!

We were gifted Gypsy Cream when our daughter was born and we’ve been using it with excellent results for her diaper rash! I even brought it along to a pediatricians appointment and my doctor was so excited about the cream once she read what was in it and felt it on her skin. I’ve been raving about this product for a few months to friends and especially some of the new mommies I know. It gets better... my daughter, at three months, recently got cradle cap and the Gypsy Cream cleared it up in about five days! This will definitely be on our beauty products list from now on. Thank you for making such an amazing product!!

Written by Amy Darragh on 5th Dec 2018

Gypsy Cream is amazing!

I LOVE Gypsy Cream. I use it as a facial moisturizer, body lotion and eczema treatment. It absorbs nicely and isn’t overly oily. It helped heal my skin after a bad allergic reaction to deodorant last year, as well.

Written by Nubia on 16th Nov 2018

Thank you.

I am very happy to have found this cream. I have super sensitive skin and very dry skin. I can't put anything on my face without it reacting angrily. This cream is soothing and moisturizing and hasn't given me any bad reactions. Thank you!

Written by Vickie Hemphill on 13th Nov 2018

Gypsy Cream Super Fan!

I met the makers of this amazing cream at a tiny farmers market in Bigfork Montana. I sampled a few products and decided to buy a small jar of Gypsy Cream. I have dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin so I am a moisturizer junkie - but this stuff was different! I used it on my face, my hands, my legs, feet, etc…. and everything improved. So much so that I came back soon after and bought the largest size they offered. So creamy and wonderful, nothing I have ever tried works as well. I will always have a couple of jars on hand. Always. ❤️