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Montana Mud Scrub

Montana Mud Scrub gently buffs away impurities, dead skin cells, oil and dirt while detoxing your skin leaving it smooth and soothed. These cleansing grains are a great soap replacement product that nourish your skin and reduces fine lines. The bentonite clay we use in Montana Mud Scrub comes from the beautiful Swan River fed by Rocky Mountain Spring run-off. When the clay come in contact with a liquid, it promotes an electrical charge which bonds with and removes heavy metals and toxins.

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Organic Oats, Organic Hemp Seeds, Wild Harvested Kelp, Organic Poppy Seed, Organic Rosemary, Organic Sage, Wild Rose, Organic Lavender

Directions: We suggest to mix the dry ingredients with local raw honey. 2 parts Montana Mud Scrub to 1 part honey and distilled water to achieve your desired consistency. If you are mixing for a single use, it is okay to use tap water. If you mixing up a batch to last you a week, we would suggest that you use distilled water to prohibit bacteria growth. Remember, these are all natural products without any of those funky preservatives. If you're looking to reduce acne, try mixing with apple cider vinegar

Use: At least 3x a week on face, but gentle enough for daily use as a soap replacement. You can use it all over your body too! Consider this step 1 of a daily facial regime. 
Other Details
Weight: 1.00 LBS
Width: 2.75 (in)
Height 3.50 (in)
Depth 2.75 (in)
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Written by Ashley on 29th Nov 2018

So smooth & soothing

This is one of my favorite things I've ever put on my face. I mix it with raw honey to make a paste and keep it in the shower. After every use I find myself saying, "this is how I want my face to feel all the time!" I have very dry skin that dulls easily & this stuff keeps my skin looking bright & feeling amazing!

Written by MH on 29th Jan 2018

MONTANA MUD SCRUB -Great, Wholesome Product!

As a face mask mixed with honey and AC vinegar, my face feels and looks great! In addition, I also grind up the same mixture, for my hair in my blender, add a few drops of "Equinox Locks" oil for use as a before-shampoo hair masque. I leave it on for 30 minutes to 1 hour - shampoo and condition as usual. My hair feels so much softer and stronger with less shedding, Awesome!!!

Written by Trina P. on 16th Mar 2017

my favorite exfoliator

After just one r use, you will notice a difference. I mix with raw honey that I buy locally and love how smooth and "new" my face feels. This has become an important staple for me and I highly recommend it to everyone!!

Written by Colleen on 27th Dec 2016

Clear as mud

I can't get enough of this mud scrub! I mixed my with some raw honey to make a paste and keep it in the shower. I have clear skin but I have always felt that it was a little dull. I use the Mud Scrub every day or every other day and my face is glowing. This is a staple in my skin care routine.

Written by undefined on 1st Feb 2016


After just one use I can feel a huge difference in my skin. Unlike some scrubs this one really doesn't take much scrubbing to get the dead skin off. I finished it off with a nice layer of Gypsy Cream and the next day my face looked clearer and was so soft!

Written by undefined on 7th Jan 2015


This scrub is awesome! It made my face so soft and smooth I love how raw the ingredients are