Lumberjack Combo

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This combo is for all those hardworking + bearded mountain men out there. Includes our Whisker Elixir beard oil + Cottonwood Creek muscle salve. 


Whisker Elixir 2oz: The Beard is a historical emblem of power. Ensure that yours is as awesome as it should be with whisker elixir. provides your beard with a healthy dose of vitamins & minerals, reduces itch &  dander, locks in moisture, thickens, promotes hair growth & manliness. Hemp oil based and enriched with essential oils to give the beard the support + encouragment it needs while adding notes of nature + the greatoutdoors. 

Cottonwood Creek 2oz: With 3 wildcrafted Montana ingredients, (cottonwood buds, devil's club + arnica flowers) Cottonwood creek acts as a natural pain reliever and a topic anti-inflammatory for those sore or over-worked muscles. Containing high amounts of  sesquiterpene lactones, Cottonwood Creek reduces inflammation by dispersing fluids that build up in bruised and injured tissue. Mopping up inflammatory debris and lactic acid, which reduce swelling and relieves pain after injury and muscle strain. Use for arthritic joints, sprains, strains, hyper extensions, pain and swelling, bruises, muscle aches, joint pain, inflammation and swelling from broken bones.


Does not contain any funny stuff: Fragrance oils, dyes, chemicals, parabens, alcohol, sulfates or gmos and neither does the container because glass + stainless steel are bpa free!

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