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Whisker Elixir


Whisker Elixir: The Man Beard Oil

The Beard is a historical emblem of power. Ensure that yours is as awesome as it should be with whisker elixir. provides your beard with a healthy dose of vitamins & minerals, reduces itch &  dander, locks in moisture, thickens, promotes hair growth & manliness.  

Ingredients: *Hemp Oil, *Palma Christi Oil, * Babassu Oil, * Cedarwood Essential Oil, * Rosemary Essential Oil, *Myrrh Essential Oil, *Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Use: After shower, apply 5-10 drops into palms &  distribute evenly throughout your facial locks.

Does not contain any funny stuff:  fragrance, dyes, chemicals, parabens, alcohol, sulfates or gmos and neither does the container because glass = bpa free!

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Written by Colleen on 27th Dec 2016

The greatest beard oil!

I bought this for my man a while back but he isn't the type to write a review so I will leave one for him. It smells great and leaves his beard feeling soft and supple. Very kissable. He has used many beard oils in the past but Whisker Elixir has always been his favorite. The beard has gone to facial hair heaven but if he ever grows it back, he will order another bottle of Whisker Elixir immediately.