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Oil Change


Oil Change
Facial cleanser: clean + clear + soften

Dissolve away accumulated dirt and grime and replace it with the clean, nourishing oil of Oil Change facial cleanser! It's a simple matter of chemistry: Your skin produces oil naturally. Chemistry tells us that like dissolves like. By massaging a small amount of Oil Change onto your face, you switch out the dirty oil for skin-loving oils and botanicals. The result? Dirt and pollutants gone + blemishes banished + a complexion that's clean, clear and velvety soft!

Our proprietary blend features:
Palma Christi Oil - A powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, this versatile oil fights acne, softens and hydrates while purging dirt, sweat and excess oil. Unique fatty acids boost elasticity and stimulate collagen production. Infused with antiseptic German Chamomile, suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil - Composed of nearly 80% essential fatty acids in an ideal ratio for skin. Restores healthy moisture balance, leaving skin luxuriously smooth.

Meadowfoam Oil - Rich in vitamins E and C; detoxifies and softens. Helps calm eczema and other skin irritations.

No harsh chemicals involved. No suds or alcohol. Nothing to strip your skin of its necessary oils. With Oil Change, you get only the good stuff. 

How to use: Use daily as a cleanser. Apply a quarter-size amount to a cotton ball or pad, then gently massage it onto your face for about 2 minutes. Wait 5-10 minutes. Remove with a washcloth and hot water.  Learn More Here. Follow with Earth Tone skin toner.

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil; Palma Christi Oil infused with German Chamomile; Meadowfoam Oil; Pure Essential Oils of Neroli, Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Peppermint; Grapefruit Seed Extract.

-No Funny Stuff-
Does NOT contain GMOs, Parabens, Sulfates, Artificial Fragrance, Alcohol, Chemicals or Dyes!

BPA-free glass container

"Who would have thought oil could be used to clean my face? But id does! My face looks and feels amazing!" - Lily

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Written by Lynda Goette on 23rd Jan 2020

Grateful to have found this company!

Oil change is a life changer. Not only does my skin respond in such a positive way but I feel confident knowing I'm using a product that is made with ingredients that are truly organic. I use Oil change, Gypsy cream and Montana mud scrub. I'm amazed at how they've changed my skin for the better. My skin is soft, balanced and clear. They've been a part of my skin care regimen for over a year and I am so happy with them. It's wonderful to feel the confidence in ordering products made with such care and integrity.

Written by Tamara on 6th Aug 2018

Oil change

Love the products and my clients are enjoying it too

Written by Holly on 23rd Dec 2017

Oil change

I absolutely LOVE this stuff!

Written by Lily on 10th Apr 2017

Who knew?

Since my skin can get very dry in the winter I thought this would be a good change from soap, even facial soap. Who would have thought oil could be used to clean my face, but it does! I follow it with Gypsy Cream and MeYe Turn eye cream and my face feels and smells amazing.

Written by Emily Chambers on 13th Jan 2017


I will admit that I was pretty nervous to try this as a cleanser, but after almost a year of using only this and not any "normal" cleansers, my skin is so happy! I've even converted my husband, which I thought would be impossible. My pores are noticeably smaller and my skin is just, well, so much better! Thank you for using ingredients that are healthy for our bodies and our planet and not including things like palm oil (also called stearic acid, glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.) which seem to be on every product label these days. Thank you!!

Written by Colleen on 27th Dec 2016

You'll never look back!

When I first discovered Oil Change I was hesitant to use it. It seem so backward to put oil on your face! Thank god I gave it is go anyway. My skin is smooth and clear. The oil absorbs quickly and leaves my face soft like a baby's tush. Since I started using Oil Change (and other Good Stuff product) I receive regular compliments on my skin. Please say I am lucky to have a clear skin and an even complexion and I always tell them it isn't genetics, it's The Good Stuff.

Written by undefined on 1st Feb 2016

Gental but works!

I've had acne all my life, from Proactive to prescription medication nothing seemed to work. Even when my face would begin to clear up the treatments I used were so harsh they would dry out my skin to where it hurt. Oil change is the most gental thing I've ever used and it WORKS! My face is clear and soft with no dry patches anymore. This stuff is a must have.

Written by undefined on 19th Jan 2016

A must have

I use Oil Change daily, have been for quite some time now. It gently removes my makeup leaving my skin soft.

Written by Kyle Gurnari on 16th Nov 2015

The Best!

This blend smells wonderful and feels so soothing on my skin. My skin is clear, soft, and I feel such a difference in using an oil cleansing method vs harsh soap based wash. I love this!

Written by Sheryl Shark on 5th Mar 2015

Best product ever!

This product works beautifully not only as a cleanser but also as a moisturizer when used with the gypsy cream. My elbows, knees and neck look years younger.