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Lip Fit


Lip Fit

Balm soothes + moisturizes + protects

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THE balm for lips! Lip Fit is quickly becoming everyone's favorite. If you've ever wondered why some balms leave your lips parched and peeling, check out their ingredients. Many contain drying camphor, glycerin or menthol. Others have potential toxins and endocrine disruptors such as parabens, petroleum and preservatives. 

Lip Fit skips the nasty stuff and uses only natural emollients to soothe + moisturize + protect:

Kokum Butter - Known as nature's Botox, kokum butter increases blood flow on the skin's surface, allowing those luscious lips to plump out a bit! Also has cancer-fighting agents and improves skin elasticity.

Organic Beeswax - Forms a protective layer against irritants while allowing tender skin to breathe. Recommended by the Mayo Clinic for use in lip balms to prevent chapping.

Organic Red Palm Oil - Deeply moisturizing, loaded with antioxidants and rich in tocotrienol, a form of vitamin E that may help fight skin cancer.

You'll love Lip Balm's super-high melting point; it won't melt in your pocket or turn into a puddle if left unattended in your car.  And with a natural SPF rating of 15, Lip Fit even protects against sun damage.

Uses: Use indoors and outdoors, year-round, to shield lips from weather and/or dry indoor conditions. Apply to cracked or peeling lips to restore moisture and help speed healing. Keep Lip Fit in your bag to beautify lips naturally anytime, anywhere!

Ingredients: Natural & Raw Kokum Butter, Glacier Country Beeswax from Baab, MT, Certified Organic Red Palm Oil, Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Certified Organic Coconut Oil

-No Funny Stuff-
Does NOT contain GMOs, Parabens, Sulfates, Fragrance, Alcohol, Chemicals or Dyes!

.15 oz

BPA-free container

"Fantastic! My lips never felt better. This will be my product from now on." - Idaho Sandy

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5 Average based on 15 reviews Write a Review
Written by Kim R Nelson on 11th Aug 2020

lip fit

Amazing product. I tossed all other lip balms for this.

Written by Roberta on 3rd Apr 2019

Lip Fit

This is the best lip balm I have found, and I don’t have to keep using it as much as I do others.

Written by MmeAK on 16th Dec 2018

Lip Saver

This is a wonderful product! Glides on silky-smooth and helps to keep chapped lips at bay. I like the fact that I don't have to keep reapplying this like I have had to do with other chapsticks. You'll want one for every purse, pocket and drawer!

Written by Astrid Chisholm on 22nd May 2017

Best lip balm in the world

I am in love with this Kokum butter lip balm. I never heard of Kokum butter before but it is clearly superior to any other lip balm I have ever tried . It stays on twice as long as the brand name established lip balm products and I am very impressed with "Lip Fit" . I bought three of these to scatter in my living space.

Written by Bill on 12th Apr 2017

Great product

They even came up with a better shape so it fits in your pocket better. High quality product

Written by Linda on 13th Jan 2017

Great Balm

This winter has been brutal on my lips. This is the answer to my problem. Soft, hydrating and long lasting without a weird texture or taste. This is the one balm I will use from here on out.

Written by undefined on 12th Jan 2017

must have for accutane users!

My son has been on acutane for several months and his lips were so terribly dry and cracking. I bought probably 20 different chap sticks including ones with hydrocortisone in them.... he's a young (12 years) boy and forgot to constantly apply his other lip balms but did use them 5-8 times a day. We didn't see much improvement. After only 3 days of lip fit, we saw a dramatic change! It lasts a long time too, he put it on before school and not again until he came home and he still felt the benefit from this. The only thing I have seen is the product is soft.. and kind of messy to apply.. but that could be because I keep my house so warm (love wood heat).. anyway I think it would melt in his pocket so unfortunately he can't carry it with him to school..

Written by Idaho Sandy on 6th Jan 2017

Love this product!

I've tried numerous lip balms and had settled on Burt's Bees brand. Read an article about this and decided to give it a try. Fantastic! My lips never felt better. This will be my product from now on.

Written by Colleen on 27th Dec 2016

Kiss my lips

I live in Salt Lake City where the air is VERY dry. Every year my lips get so chapped that they crack and bleed. It is so bad that at times, I can't kiss my husband! This lip balm is one of the best out there and gives me great relief!

Written by Liz on 18th Dec 2016

No chapped lips here

It was -5F yesterday morning. And I have a dog that needs walking in the early hours. This stuff kept my lips comfortable and soft even at that cold temp. I really like the container shape as well - easy to apply quickly to the whole lip and it fits better in pockets of jacket and purse.